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23-Nov-2015 07:45

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When you end the relationship, do so in a place where there are other people so that your abuser cannot further abuse you, or end the relationship over the phone or via e-mail.

Let the adult you've talked to know when you're going to end it so she or he can support you before and after the breakup.

If you are in a relationship, look at the list below and see how many of the items apply to your and/or your partner.

If two or more items apply to your relationship, you could be in an abusive relationship – or you could potentially be in a relationship that may become abusive.

Instead, you might ask yourself the following questions about your friend's relationship.

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Depending on how long the abuse has been going on, you may feel isolated from your old friends and unable to turn to anyone for help. The first thing you need to think about when you realize that your relationship is abusive is how to get out of the relationship.Sometimes an abuser will say that you somehow caused the abuse. No matter what happened in your relationship, you did not cause the abuse.

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