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14-Aug-2015 20:09

I would try turning off "Fast Start." Settings/system/power and sleep/Additional power settings (right pane , bottom)/Change what the power button does.

Uncheck "fast start." To ungrey it, Look towards the top for the Admin Shield to gain access.

After it downloaded, I selected custom setup and it started setup.

Note that the maximum active length of time you can set is 12 hours.

(The same thing happened in the W10 installation at times too) Im guessing it was a loose VGA.

I saw a new update came out on Nvidia Ge Force Experience.

And again, the last thing you want is Windows 10 restarting in the middle of your work, which can take some time — even longer if your PC runs into an issue while processing the update.

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Last night I was playing DOTA and it restarted twice simply like a power surge.I do have some very suspicious activity in the Event Log.