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And the same question can continue even as you start to date: Are they really into you?If you're not sure whether that coffee date is just an excuse to drink cappuccinos and talk about the last book someone read or movie they saw, or if that coffee date is, in fact, an excuse to see you, because this guy or gal is sweating you hard, I feel you.So if they're asking tons of questions, they want to know more about you — and see more of you . It doesn't have to be grand gestures of affection, but does she bring you a coffee after work because she knows how tired you are?If they want to see you again sometime soon, they're into you. They get tickets to shows or explore new restaurants with you, because they don't want to just be super boring — they want to come off as exciting and fun. If seeing you seems to enliven them, you're on the right track. Does he tell you he thought of you when he heard that song you've been playing on repeat? Zooming off a few steps before you isn't romantic, and means they're thinking more of themselves than of you.If they can't stop staring into your eyes, you've got your first clue.According to Patti Wood, a body language expert and author of , big pupils mean your crush is looking at you with desire.

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Here are 45 little ways to get a read on someone and tell whether they're into you or not.

Subconsciously or not, we like to make tons of eye contact with people when we think they're attractive.