The christian view on separation dating

01-Mar-2016 06:04

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If it’s man, the divorce or separation can be temporary, but when it’s God, the divorce is permanent. This is when the desire for a divorce flows out of a spouse’s own selfish heart, not from God’s heart to the spouse.Suppose a marriage partner initiates a divorce (not a separation): he Bible says, “When a man takes a wife and marries her, and it happens that ..has found some uncleanness in her, and HE WRITES her a certificate of divorce ...sends her out of his house ..goes and BECOMES ANOTHER MAN’S WIFE, if the latter husband dies who took her as his wife, THEN her former husband who divorced her MUST NOT TAKE HER BACK to be his wife...” (Deuteronomy 24:1-4).And a husband is not to divorce his wife” (1Corinthians -11).

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For the wife is to “..reconciled to HER HUSBAND” (1Corinthians ), not, “...

Hence, a "separation" is defined by the preceding word (marriage or divorce) that gives it it's proper definition.

Divorce or separation can be either temporary or permanent, depending on who the initiator is.

HER FORMER HUSBAND who divorced her...” (Deuteronomy 24:4a). But when you’re just separated, you still have a husband. But after awhile the husband gives up the pursuit, then the wife starts to draw back to her husband.

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In 1 Corinthians 7 a "marriage separation" is different than a "divorce separation." When a spouse is "separated" from their husband or wife they STILL have a husband or wife.

When there is a divorce and the spouses "separate" they do not have a husband or wife to go back to.

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