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28-Nov-2014 01:27

It just goes to show that we’re all unique in what we find physically attractive.” It’s also nice to see that not one negative comment is uttered throughout.And yes, they certainly don’t hold back on the nudity front.

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“Nine times out of 10, people are saying to me, when you actually meet up with that person, they’re nothing like their profile picture and they’re nothing like the person they’ve made out that they are.” The programme sets out to discover whether people make better, more informed decisions if they are stripped of all of these social norms and crutches.“Evolutionary scientists say that back in the day we would have picked someone based on primal instinct,” explained Richardson.“You think every girl will go with the guy with the biggest willy and the Adonis body, but no, they didn’t,” said Richardson.“And nor did the guys go with the girl with the fake boobs and the perfect body.

Cue ‘Naked Attraction’ on Channel 4 - it’s like Blind Date but with a twist, you’re butt-naked and people are judging whether they want to date you solely on your body (and voice).“Getting naked to find a date is probably one of the weirdest things I’ve ever signed myself up to do,” says one of the show’s contestants in the first episode.