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“The reason I’m involved with the JCC in Indianapolis goes back to my childhood.

I guess you can say that if you want to make an impression upon a person, do it when they’re young.

“I got on the JCC board through the Young Leadership Division of the Federation. Then I was president of the JCC board from 1991-93 after serving as vice president from 1987-91. We have our work cut out for us during this class.” After that Keith continues his aerobic workout either running or on the cross trainer and jumping rope. We’ll see what we can work out.” Keith mentioned that the JCC’s planned giving initiative, Life and Legacy, is very easy to do.

“Of course the first step is to take the form and fill it out,” he said.

“But you have to realize you need to take the next step and include it in your will.

In fact, I’ve already had a conversation with our attorney and he told us to just write it up and send it in and he’ll make a copy of our desires.” Keith said, “We all want to leave money for our children, but we also want to leave a legacy for our children. Each individual has to decide what’s important to them.

In 2000, their family hosted an Israeli camp counselor who had spent the previous summer with Sandy and Rick Zeckel.

“About 2-3 weeks later, our oldest son Adam announced that he and Meytal were dating. That was not given to me somehow.” Keith asked for, and wears, a nametag when he’s here so that “if there are members here and they want to talk to somebody I want them to know that I am available. At the same time, when somebody has a complaint, I want them also to be willing to initiate the change, to help.

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I guess if you have Jewish kids and you want them to marry Jewish people, it’s a great way to get people together,” he laughed. “The budget now is four and a half times the size than when I was president the last time. Not only do we have the fitness facility, we have an outdoor water park. Today, we have a therapy pool and an expanded infant toddler program. I think most importantly, what we must look at that’s constant, is change.” Keith works out about four times a week for about an hour and a half. It’s a wonderful class with Rachell and a wonderful group of people in it. So I’m here, I’m accessible and I would encourage people to come up and talk to me, good or bad.

What was important to us was the Jewish Community Center, our synagogue and the Jewish Federation. When that day comes when we both go, money will be set aside for these organizations.

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