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29-Apr-2016 10:05

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We even snap some shots for instagram and use the tag #lesbro.

I have a confession to make: For this interview, I spent most of my time preparing to interview the girls who’ve been known to like girls, but when a steely-eyed publicist fixes you in their gaze and strongly suggests you interview the is cheerful, verbal, and and dynamically entertaining. Strong willed publicists aside, I’m reppin’ After Ellen so I keep my mind on the prize at all times, namely Aneesa Ferreira and Sarah Rice, the two girls present who’ve been known to like girls., is now a straight up straight girl.

After revealing those two juicy tidbits, Aneesa clamps up and tells After Ellen readers that if they want the full details, they’re just going to have to watch!

Philly-based Aneesa is willing to discuss her personal life, telling me she is single and planning to enroll in college.

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the real world brooklyn whos dating-42

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Her black, jagged bob has transformed into long blonde waves, and she firmly informs me that not only is she not bisexual, but she has not been with a woman in six years.

Sarah is basically the living defintion of a straight girl who just went through a lesbian “phase.” “It’s OK,” I tell her comfortingly, “You can’t help it. Finally I move onto Aneesa, this season’s only lesbian cast member and an indomitable badass.