Tips dating british man

01-Dec-2014 03:01

We had loads of ups and downs in our relationship, but that only made us closer. I will share with you the things that I’ve learned marrying an English man!

This is based on my experience with my husband so it may vary depends on your partner’s personality.

In the spring of 2009, he sent me a friendly message.

He is sensible, and we got lots of things in common like love for history and travel, so we clicked, and the rest is history.

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To make matters even worse, in a global city like London people have different backgrounds, and can react in very different ways. French men, for instance, are usually quite forward, and if they like you, you’d know right away. But I believe that, wherever you are and whomever you have a crush on, there is a telltale sign that will help you know in no uncertain terms whether he likes you. We tend to forget that good things take time to build, and go far beyond fake smiles and well-rehearsed pickup lines. He pretends he doesn’t like chocolate and lets you have his. He misses an important rugby, football or cricket match to celebrate your birthday. He insisted on picking you up at the airport or at the train station and waits for you despite the fact that you are more than two hours late. He is not too nice, so that you know that he’s being honest too and that you can trust his advice.British men can be a bit shy and wait forever before they consider making a move. What I also mean is that kindness isn’t to always be nice, but to act nice. Well, it means that he gets your sense of humour when nobody else does. You have made a dent to his car/motorbike/bicycle/whatever and his first question is whether you are OK. (For the record, that’s something I would never do for a guy. He has remembered an indie band you briefly mentioned and invites you to their next gig. For instance, he will tell you if you’ve forgotten to do up your buttons or zip or maybe even offer some advice about your outfit. At least you will know where you stand, and that’s the whole point, right?

It wasn’t because they wanted a surprise, they just wanted to avoid the inevitable expectations of what having a boy or girl meant.… continue reading »

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