Tips for dating a foreign exchange student

07-Aug-2015 19:24

They'll worry (some, exponentially more so than if they were born here) whether people think they're strange, stupid, standoffish or awkward.

Just wondering how foreign exchange students are treated by the general Japanese population. My second host family was great, and the last six months with them were the best of my life. If I make it I will be in the suburbs of Tokyo for 10 months. I will be in a high school somewhere in the area, but I am graduating this year from my high school. I wear 2x shirts in US, and I cannot find ANYTHING here that fits, save the biggest pair of work overahuals in special stretch size (3x stretch).

I had to switch five months into the program, and the differnce was amazing. Taller people might have an easier time than fatter people (me).

If your host family is good, you'll have a good time. Don't be afraid to ask for a switch if you can't handle it anymore, though. For the person looking for clothes- I can't say for sure.

Embarrassingly, I am a different parent when someone else's kid is always around.

Kids as young as 15 come to this country with a smattering of English, are immersed in the American high school environment and live with a strange family whose mom may have a proclivity for yelling and swearing.

I've gotten a glimpse into my kids' future and it wasn't (terribly) frightening. Our exchange students showed us that teenagers are capable of responsibility, proper grooming, table manners and passing themselves off as real humans in virtually every aspect of life.2. Each of us, whether host or guest, has had the opportunity to examine ourselves and our way of life through someone else's eyes, and we're better for it.7. Foreign exchange students are always on display, sometimes tripping over a non-native language. This list could go on, but would get increasingly random, including things like discovering a love of Finnish rye bread, an appreciation for chotskies from around the world, or the discovery of a drawer full of handmade ceramics somebody didn't feel like packing for the trip home.

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The rural areas, I've heard, have different attitudes than those living in big cities. I think the thing that determines the quality of your stay the most is your host-family.

It's kind of annoying, but you can use it to your advantgage to make friends.

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