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06-Apr-2016 00:06

The privately owned MTN-Irancell, which was operating a 2G network during the 2009 postelection protests, had to cut off service much like the state-owned Hamrahe-Aval.

By the same token, all the Internet traffic over the network has to be routed through the same gateways used for other forms of Internet connectivity and hence can be blocked and filtered on the new operator.

Some skeptics believe that aside from providing good service to customers, there might be an ulterior motive behind this project -- undermining the security and privacy of Iranian citizens.

Tamin Telecom's infrastructure utilizes the third generation (3G) of standards for mobile phones.

An underlying effect of all the advancements is great improvement in the ease and speed of access to alternative sources of information and news -- something the Iranian regime has been trying to curb for many years.

At first glance it might seem that there has been a sudden change of heart by the regime.

After all, the two cellular networks already in place provide the necessary simple wireless telephony services, which would mean the only purpose behind the new 3G network is to provide the additional "application services." A deeper look, however, indicates that quite to the contrary, the network is intended only to further serve the interests of the Iranian regime in its drive to keep tab on the dissidents.

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As promised by Iran's Ministry of Telecommunications and Information Technology on October 19, the country's recently authorized third mobile operator, Tamin Telecom, has begun distributing SIM cards for a new national 3G mobile network to the public.

In a country where the regime has gone to great lengths to restrict the free flow of information and citizens' access to the World Wide Web and the outside world in general, this move has come as a surprise to media watchers.

The new network thus provides easier and quicker access only to content approved by the regime and nothing more, and is therefore no threat to the "electronic curtain." What the new network does provide is the necessary means for enhanced "track and control" operations.

The problem with previous generations of mobile communications was that neither the network nor the handsets were designed for tracking purposes; such use was later developed by the security forces.

This generation of mobile phone network differs from previous ones in that it makes possible application services such as mobile Internet, mobile TV, and video calls over the network.

It does not take much of an imagination to fathom the many applications of this technology.

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