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Also classes in Sussex County are limited to 62 people per class and are often filled to capacity leading up to and during the summer months.

In partnership with Duty of Care International & CHS Alliance Organisations have a responsibility, legally and morally, to do as much as they can to ensure their employees are working in a healthy, safe and secure environment, and even more so when they are continually working in highly pressured and risky environments.

Topics covered in the class include, How Alcohol Effects the Body, Checking ID, Recognizing the Signs of Intoxication, Title 4, and Commissioner’s Rules.Students are expected to be on time as late arrivals disrupt the class and will be turned away.Alcohol is a factor in about 50 - 70% of all the pedestrian fatalities in this country each year.Surveys indicate that approximately 50% of all the intoxicated drivers on the road come from commercial establishments.

In 1996, records indicated that 61% of the intoxicated drivers on Delaware roads were coming from commercial establishments.This is an indication that bartenders, waiters and waitresses are over serving these patrons.