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Carnival is the most significant event on the islands' cultural and tourism calendar, with numerous cultural events such as "band launch fetes" running in the lead up to the street parade on Carnival Monday and Tuesday.

It is said that if the islanders are not celebrating it, then they are preparing for it, while reminiscing about the past year's festival.

Traditionally, the festival is associated with calypso music; however, recently Soca music has replaced calypso as the most celebrated type of music.

Costumes, stick-fighting and limbo competitions are also important components of the festival.

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The event is well known for participants' colorful costumes and exuberant celebrations.

French planters with their slaves, free coloureds and mulattos from neighbouring islands of Martinique, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Grenada, Guadeloupe, and Dominica migrated to the Trinidad during the French Revolution.

The Spanish also gave many incentives to lure settlers to the island, including exemption from taxes for ten years and land grants in accordance to the terms set out in the Cedula.

These new immigrants establishing local communities of Blanchisseuse, Champs Fleurs, Cascade, Carenage and Laventille.

Trinidad's population jumped to over 15,000 by the end of 1789, from just under 1,400 in 1777.In 1797, Trinidad became a British crown colony, with a French-speaking population.

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