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17-Oct-2016 08:08

Lighting Candles + Dimming the Lights + Marvin Gaye = Romance. Here are six ways to show her that you’ve got what it takes. The good news is, to truly be a romantic doesn’t have to cost you a dime. It’ll cost you your time – only it will be worth every minute.Add some wine and candles, and Don Quixote will start looking like a slacker by comparison.They say certain foods are aphrodisiac: a home-cooked meal from a loving partner makes it twice as sexy.E-Mail Getting a horse-drawn carriage to transport a handwritten letter penned in your best calligraphic hand is clearly a thing of the past. So you’ve bought her roses, champagne, chocolates and jewelry, and she still says you’re not a romantic. Well, while you’ve been living out a Hallmark moment, she’s been waiting for real signs of romance, and they can’t be found at your local mall.Listen Up there with “strange noises” and “unusual smells,” a woman’s biggest complaint about her partner is that he just doesn’t listen to what she has to say.Whether she’s had a difficult day at the office, is having trouble with her best friend or just wants to talk about a TV show she enjoyed, all she wants is for you to make the appropriate gestures so she knows you’re engaged with the topic.

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If you’re not an expert, start slow and easy – it’s the gesture that counts as much as, if not more than, the food.

Cook While a romantic dinner at a fine restaurant is always a nice treat, combining a good meal with more of an effort on your part is even tastier.

Anyone can pick up the phone and make a reservation, but how many men will shop for ingredients, plan a meal and cook it from scratch while their partners put their feet up?

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Ask for more details, remember the names of her work colleagues and try and come up with some helpful suggestions and observations of your own.Get genuinely engaged with her world, because good communication leads to intimacy.

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