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If you’re interested in transgender group therapy and have any questions or feedback regarding what is outlined above, please feel free to contact Casey Weitzman, M. An initial consultation is necessary prior to joining which will be completely free.

The group will meet weekly and the fee is 0 per month.

This grows out of sobering statistics: Transgender teens and adults suffer high rates of depression, homelessness and substance abuse.

Underscoring these statistics are the devastating stories of suicides by teens Leelah Alcorn in Ohio in 2014 and Skylar Lee in Wisconsin last fall.

They tried to explain the difference between being a tomboy and an actual boy. He was certain, even if his parents weren't, that he was a boy.

After more than three years, which entailed many discussions with their family, a psychologist and a gender specialist, John's parents came to support that identity.

Unlike the other boys in his class, however, when John was born his parents and his doctors said he was a girl.

His parents tried to point out that, in fact, girls could wear or do anything boys could.

Media reports suggest they both struggled to gain parental acceptance of their identities.But there are more hopeful stories, and we have seen them first-hand.They let him to go to school and everywhere else as a boy — what is called a “social transition.”John's is not the commonly told transgender story.The dominant narrative is that transgender people's lives are characterized by trauma, victimization, mental health problems and unhappiness.

Group is confidential and is not a social group — it will allow participants to go deeper, feel safer and get feedback from other participants in the company of a gender therapist who has been treating clients for over 20 years. He plays baseball, argues with his little brother and loves quesadillas. But John (which is not his real name) spent years insisting otherwise.

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