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17-Oct-2016 10:35

These themes are ready to work with the profiles, messaging centers and friendship requests, so make sure you keep reading to locate the best Buddy Press Word Press themes for social networking, community or dating sites. The KLEO Word Press theme embodies everything that a community theme should be, with tons of demo content and skins for drastically changing the way your website looks.That said, all of the skins work flawlessly with the Buddy Press plugin, so you can build a community without any problems.The unique Buddy Press design focuses on helping people make new friends and send messages.

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It’s a completely open source program that you can download here, and it has a plethora of features such as user groups, messaging, friendships, notifications and more.It’s also rather common for webmasters to pair the plugin with bb Press, which handles the forum part of the job.If you’re not aware of what Buddy Press is, now’s the time to learn, because the free Word Press plugin offers the quickest and easiest method to create your own social network, with member profiles, activity streams and more.Most everyone who has tried to build some sort of community on a Word Press site has turned to Buddy Press, since it’s lightweight, powerful and easy to learn.

Chances are you won’t end up creating the next Facebook with this plugin, but it’s extremely suitable to expand a community on an existing website.For example, a blog that brings together urban gardeners would benefit well from a more social aspect on the site.