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07-Nov-2015 11:50

Well now they just started dating and I feel sooo weird.

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Just continue talking to them and pretend like nothing's wrong.

There would be no point in a confrontation because it won't change anything.

Two of my best friends are a guy I've known since I was 12, went through middle and high school with, and still keep in close touch with, and a girl who I met in college, immediately fell for...the feeling was mutual, the only problem was I was already with somebody and she would not feel comfortable dating a person who'd be willing to break up with someone for her.

We still stayed close, and as time went on, her romantic feelings died down, while mine increased.

I feel like I would be a "cock block" if I was to voice how weird it makes me feel and how I don't like it.i guess you guys have been best friends for so long that the change within the group has made it unpleasant for you.