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For 0 per year, Dropcam stores the last seven days of footage in the cloud for you to peruse at any time; for 0 per year, the last 30 days are stored.

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The question now, of course, is whether people will be comfortable giving Google a potential pervasive peephole into their homes, rather than a small, innocuous startup taking a gander.

Dropcam sells two cameras — the Dropcam for 0 and Dropcam Pro for 0 — that both constantly upload a video feed to the cloud.

Google is moving quickly to establish a foothold in your home: After acquiring Nest Labs and its smart thermostat and smoke detector, Google is now acquiring Dropcam — a startup that makes cloud-based security cameras for your home — for 5 million in cash.

Dropcam has never announced its sales figures, but its cameras have routinely been top-sellers on Amazon since their launch in 2012.

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It’s a pretty neat scheme (which we’ll undoubtedly hear more about at Google I/O tomorrow), but it does also mean that Google now has a very easy way into your home.As soon as you link your Android smartphone (or Android Wear device) to your Nest, Google will probably have access to all of your information.