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But the polite boy, on the other hand, the good boy who doesn't use swear words is probably a little too focused on approval and is therefore not going to have much to offer anyone because that which seeks approval is seen as weak, needy, and unfulfilled." —Stephane Hemon Chapters: 01 Hope Chemicals 02 Deny, Deny, Deny 03 Biochemical Puppets 04 Neediness Radar 05 Attraction-Kryptonite 06 Delta Now 07 Victimhood EMF's 08 Cues of Manhood 09 Stockholm-like 10 The Two Evil M's 11 Predator-Prey 101 Topics include: The number one game booster; exes; savoir-vivre; weed stigmas; sh*t-tests; madonna/whore complex; rejection in pickup; biochemistry of being ignored; good portraits for a dating profile; spirituality vs self-improvement; wisdom of first human tribes; mental vs physical sickness; two main human prerogatives; the cause of all disease; thanatos vs eros; male rage; career changes; fulfilling jobs; lifestyle of a mystic; two main qualities of a good employee; relationship prenup; true spiritual organizations; victimhood paradigm; good studenthood; naive vs sophisticated women; male sexual design; female sexual design; women's bitchiness; finding true love; love vs sex; approval-seeking patterns; astrology; cats; relationship stages; dreams interpretation; breaking rules; gossip; death; cancer; woo-woo'hood; dating vs relationship modes; dating illusions; pulling girls in; value of skepticism in dating; the ultimate aphrodisiac; neediness vs chivalry; kiss crashes; animal values vs spirit values; discernment stages; supergirlfriends; PUA vs the monogamist; intimacy resistances; empathy levels; generational narcissism; purpose of jealousy and loneliness; 1800's lifestyle; classy breakups; today's vs old-school dating; status in dating; disclosure of one's conservatism; passive-aggressiveness; competitiveness; family relations; diffusing conflicts; journaling; self-sufficiency; selling out; importance of sex; sexual drive triggers; healthy attitudes in pickup, and more.

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When you fall apart for a woman and start loving her up, showering her with compliments, and going ga-ga over her, while this is clearly a step up from usual guy game (most losers don't share their intention with the woman, they keep things secret until the creepiness fully sets in), it's still a step down from stoicism and self-control, and thus from your being able to show her that you are, above all else, a protector of women.Women today don't often admit to it because of today's social climate, but they're generally terrified all the time and would really like a guard dog/man who is in control of his emotions and especially of his horniness and romantic feelings." —Stephane Hemon Chapters: 01 The James Bond Test [part one] 02 A Touch of Badass 03 A Religion of Pain 04 Healthy and Beautiful, Horny and Happy 05 A 1% Guy 06 One's Inner Whoor 07 The DNA of a PUA 08 The Three Brains 09 The Victim Crown of Glory 10 The James Bond Test [part two] Topics include: The ultimate form of puahood; perfecting online dating profiles (with examples); the new zen surrender technique; honesty vs withholding; the art of witnessing; healing power of music; feminine vs masculine E-types in dating; astrology's validity; pain of breakup; mastery of pickup; struggle vs arrival in spirituality; meaning of 'to know thyself'; life as entertainment; usefulness of sarcasm; importance of studying comedy and comedians; empathy and humility levels; business advice (sales); amogging at work; the art of breakups; handling girlfriends' defensiveness; true surrender; music and musicians; fear of approaching; fear of intimacy; fear of abandonment; fear of being taken for granted; fear of being smothered (in relationships); healthy self-interest vs selfishness; importance of self-sufficiency; loser/winner mentality; overcautiousness in pickup; dealing with judgmentalism and moral superiority; sanctifying sinful behaviors; purpose of pain; strategies for dealing with sick pets; entering a relationship with maturity; envy explained; bullies in the workplace; purpose of slander; female vs male systems (physical, mental, emotional, sexual); girlfriend annoyances reframes; schizophrenia, narcissistic and borderline disorders; significance of pristine nutrition; speed dating tricks; power of self-deprecation; pet industry examined; three extra important supplements; purpose of shame; diplomacy in business; kitchen tricks; downside of ambitiousness; handling PTSD from being bullied; savoir-vivre resistance explored; dealing with unpleasant people; following inner muse; morality vs biochemistry in personality disorders; house tips; specialty diet and supplements for serious imbalances; struggle vs recovery; top down-bottom up evolution theory; predestination vs free will; family ancestry; Enneagram types portraits; effects of humor and comedy; various pickup scenarios; self-respect in the workplace; skillfulness in dating, and more.In other words, as soon as you 'want', you become blind because the desire automatically glamorizes the wanted object or person. Scammers will sense that I'm vulnerable because, well, I want.So they'll come in with their tempting offers, and I'll be really gullible and stupidly fall for things that a more mature person who already feels fulfilled would easily see right through.

Or, the opposite of being the reactionary puppydog who thoughtlessly follows his feelings and instincts. It's because that uniform is like a reassurance of self-control & stoicism. People go up to them and they test them, you know...His hands are tied by it, he's on a leash, so to speak. and the guy has to just remain poised and ready for anything.