Ubuntu updating to 8 10

24-Apr-2015 06:29

ubuntu updating to 8 10-78

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Perhaps offer some sort of trade-in/recycling program?

Only hitch I've read about is that the 'free' upgrade part ends 1 year after the release so if you have Win 7-8- or 8.1 then the upgrade is free within the first year of release.

I have one program that requires Net framework to run so I have to have a Windows machine otherwise I would go Linux 100%.

So I'd lose grub on the upgrade and the only way to get back to Ubuntu is to boot from the installation disk and install grub from there. It has everything I need to get ready for the upgrade.

If I upgrade to Windows 10, which apparently everyone who has Windows 7 or above is being offered for free, is there a chance the installation will wipe out my Ubuntu partition? And so to install grub I'd need to have an installation disk, is that right?

ubuntu updating to 8 10-32

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ubuntu updating to 8 10-72

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If I want to continue to use my machine beyond the included support period/supported lifetime, I must pay some periodic fee for updates.If I were a manufacturer, I'd like to see that annual fee a significant fraction of a new machine.

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