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23-Oct-2016 13:18

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation is a trademarked phrase that refers to a practice developed and popularized by Dr.

David Matlock, who's made several appearances on the E! Matlock and other doctors who carry out LVR claim that the ,000 to ,000 procedure makes women's vaginas tighter, thus increasing sexual pleasure. The American Urogynocology Society won't endorse it.

) While nature was busy dishing out things like multiple orgasms, it forgot to make vaginas vice-tight.

Luckily, plastic surgeons have stepped in to put an end to womankind's collective suffering.

(Norforms contain something called Benzethonium chloride, which is also used as a hard surface disinfectant for fruit and classified as a poison in Switzerland. ) And you can buy FDS (Feminine, Discreet, Sensual) Spray ("For the woman who cares.") in a myriad of scents including Sheer Tropics and Fresh Island Breeze. Despite health concerns, manufacturers still churn out vaginal douches.

Free from worry about external vaginal odor." Because you're going to need that time you used to spend worrying about your vaginal odor to flirt your way through the glass ceiling. It's a disinfectant that can be lethal when absorbed through the skin.In 1972, it was added to baby powder in France due to a manufacturing error and killed thirty-six children.