Updating a house to 100 amps Sex chat msg wit aunty

14-May-2015 16:14

Basically as an HI you need to understand that depending on whats in the dwelling will determine if the 100A service is large enough...their is considerable gas appliances and so on 100A service may be fine.

If you see a 100A panel that has multiple double taps an just looks "SPACE CHALLENGED" inside then quite possibly it could stand a review....again this is something an electrician is going to have to do. It quite possibly was a 100A straight change over from an older fuse 100A....happens alot because they dont have to increase the SE conductors size...in many cases the 100A will serve he dwelling fine.

I simply say that the amperage is 100 and that is considered the minimum necessary by today's modern homes and advise them to talk to a licensed electrician about the limitations of this type of service.

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Mike explains he optional method (220.82)which in most all cases is a less sized service than the standard method.

The good thing about electricity is diversification.......

Thanks, Darrell Freshour Darrells Home Inspections To expand more on mikes reference....

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Electrical Code Videos On Demand -Inspecting Electrical Panels https://electricalcodeacademy.pivots...l-panel-/55034 I would never recommend an upgrade unless you are a licensed electrician.

Hi Guys, When do you recommend upgrading from a 100 amp circuit breaker panel to a 200 amp ?

I just inspected a 1970 home with 1930 sq ft, someone just put in a new panel, but only a 100 amp. Any general guidelines for amperage vs sq ft or other rules of thumb ?

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Ph: 704-351-1776 NACHI ID: NACHI05120170 would never recommend an upgrade unless you are a licensed electrician.Just did a call where the HI stated that the service needed an upgrade to a 200 amp service on a house that had a 150 amp service and the range, water heater and heat was gas.

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