Updating a sony blu ray player

20-Sep-2015 21:39

updating a sony blu ray player-38

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Update/FYI: Reportedly there's Denon Firmware Updates for X7200W & X6200W AVRs that fixes this bug.

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Yamaha's update has a DTS Mode option in the "Advanced Setup", but don't recall if Denon's update has similar DTS mode options or if it's just a universal patch.(It's just after the 4K Mode option.) Pressing "Straight" button changes the Mode setting.(While in Advanced Setup, you may want to backup your configuration settings.) I wish the new DTS Modes was an option setting for an Input instead.(I wish anyone seeing "PCM" from DTS/DTS: X discs would list their blu-ray player details as it is a factor.) I asked a friend with an RX-A3050 (used back in January for the Mac Mini/AVR Video Dropouts test) to report back when he updates it to v1.77 and tests his Sony BDP-S7200 and Samsung UBD-K8500 (4k/UHD) player with DTS: X and DTS-HD discs to see what the RX-A3050 displays during playback.

(I saw a post about the Denon update fix, but it didn't mention an options setting.) (previous article/notes from March 2016 follow, using previous AVR firmware before the new update/fix.) There were early reports from DTS: X updated Denon/Marantz receiver owners that with some players, DTS blu-rays (not just DTS: X) were shown on the receiver's display as "PCM", despite being set for bitstream output.

(That means the DTS: X bitstream will not be properly decoded. (No player settings were changed, and of course set to Bitstream, with no secondary audio mix enabled.) I mention this as shortly after the Yamaha DTS: X firmware update release I saw a comment from a DTS: X updated RX-A2050 owner that his DTS: X blu-rays displayed as "PCM" and Neural: X mode as Neural: X PCM.