Updating an unlocked iphone

05-Apr-2015 23:05

Currently, you can only sign up for the i Phone Upgrade Program if you want to purchase an i Phone 7 or i Phone 7 Plus. S.-based credit card to sign up at present, though we expect this to change at pre-order time.If it's an i Phone SE or older i Phone model you want, Apple is currently only offering a trade-in program. Apple Care+ is the company's i Phone-specific version of their popular Apple Care support service: It covers all the awesome telephone support and software advice that a regular Apple Care subscription does, and tacks on coverage for two accidental damage incidents.

According to Apple, you'll be able to sign up for the program in the U. Now, when I say "coverage," that really just means "option to pay 0 for a new i Phone after you drown your old one or for a cracked screen." It's not a cheap repair—but it's much cheaper than if you broke your screen sans Apple Care+.(Take it from someone who had to pony up after shattering her Apple Care-less i Phone 6 on concrete.Not fun.) Normally, Apple Care+ costs 9 for two years when you purchase your device; with the i Phone Upgrade Program, you get Apple Care+ as part of your monthly fee. You won't be paying more than /month if you get the high-end i Phone 7 Plus, and 32GB i Phone 7 plans start at just /month.Here's how it shakes out: i Phone 7 with Apple Care+ When you sign up, you're contracted with Apple (and its loan partner, Citizens Bank) for 24 months (two years).

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Apple Care+ will be good for two years from the date you originally signed the i Phone Upgrade Program contract. This is because you're signing up for a 24-month interest-free loan from Citizens Bank—via Apple's retail stores—so you need all the bits and bobs a company would usually require for a financing deal. While you'll be required to choose a carrier when you sign up for the Upgrade Program, you're not locked in for two years with that carrier as you would be in the traditional subsidy program.And, if after twelve months you don't like the carrier you're with, you can ditch them and choose a new carrier with your new i Phone. Worst-case, I suppose you may be able to switch by swapping out the i Phone's activated Apple SIM card with a different carrier's SIM.

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