Updating asp net web site

22-Mar-2015 16:34

NET Web Forms projects: Web Application Projects (WAP) and Web Site Projects (WSP). There is no way we could have justified to management the hundreds of development hours required for such a task.Our site was configured as a Web Application Project, which means that all its code-behind was compiled to a single . At the same time, we wanted the new MVC pages we developed to be as tightly integrated as possible with the existing site, so we wanted to avoid a multi-project solution where each new MVC controller required its own new child project under the main application.A Case Study/Guide Our corporate website was built primarily using VB. NET framework releases, and we are happy with the power and readability of VB. We have done a good job of keeping up with the features of the latest .NET (it’s extremely similar to C# in most respects).However, most of our newer developers are more familiar with C#, and the C# community for code samples and other resources is much larger than the VB. We write all our newer background processes in C#, and we wanted the same for our web site. NET MVC to enjoy the control and flexibility it offers.Integrating MVC into an existing Web Forms project is possible, and there are multiple guides (I like Scott Zischerk’s) to take you through the configuration and references you will need to change.

Net applications are cached and left in a compiled state for performance reasons.Even the venerable gurus on Stack Overflow had few appealing suggestions when I posed our problem.I knew that if I could convert our project from a WAP to a WSP, we would be able to use C# for new MVC pages while leaving the existing VB. (And performance would not suffer, as the MSDN link above attests.) Unfortunately, after hours of searching, I could not find a comprehensive guide for converting a WAP to a WSP (there were dozens of guides for the reverse process.)I eventually got it done through painful trial and error, and I document the technobabble here for anyone who comes across this scenario in the future.If you make any changes to your application, for example, your web.config - to reflect those changes on your live website you'll need to recycle your application pool. Log-in to the control panel (https://control.uk) 2. If you haven't already given the site its own dedicated application pool, you'll need to do this first before you can recycle - click the button that says "Move to dedicated app pool". Click "Recycle Application Pool" You application will then be forced to recompile.

Note that not all the steps below will necessarily be required for your particular project.We have been running our site using this format for several months now without any major issues.

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