Updating ati graphics bios

29-Jun-2016 08:57

For Also, be sure to CHECK if you NEED TO UPDATE YOUR BIOS - see HP's Consumer Notebooks and Windows 8 - Overview of BIOS updates and this updated post for HP Windows 8 Support pages, options and updates on new HP drivers!Alternatively, you could use the latest Leshcat (3rd party, community-supported) driver (see the end of this post for instructions).If you are having (Code 43) errors with your AMD Radeon, i.e.Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems.If you are upgrading from other drivers, see this post, option 3.

for HP, by finding your model on 24/7 Online support for HP's Home and Home Office Products | HP Support, or using the Notebook Review: HP Drivers and Software Forum).Essentially, this is a notebook with an Intel CPU with built-in HD Graphics technology, as well as an additional AMD HD Radeon GPU.(Code 43), then the fix is to load Intel driver in Device Manager.For more details see this post, and this post on how to fix.

To get Intel Wireless Display (Intel Wi Di) working on Windows 8, see my post here.

What is Intel HD Graphics + AMD Radeon HD Switchable Graphics?