Updating dataset with gridview funny online dating subject lines

01-May-2015 14:15

However, I am at a loss as to how to update the dataset from the Gridview. this dataset will create all the select, update, insert and delete for you. Data table stuff Dim project DS As New Data Set() Dim table Project Hours As New Data Table("Project Hours") Dim col Project Hours As Data Column Dim PKColumn(1) As Data Column Dim row Project Hours As Data Row .................

I've scoured the web for solutions, but found little. Private Sub Bind Grid() ' Connection conn = New Sql Connection(connection String) conn2 = New Sql Connection(connection String) ' Let's get the current date Dim dt Listed As Date Time Dim project_id As Integer Dim task_id As Integer Dim loop Ctr As Integer Dim hour Total As Integer Dim employee_id As Integer = hidden Employee ID.

What I want to happen is when the user enters the edit mode of the Grid View and then updates any changes they make for each project, that the Data Set be automaticall updated.

Then, upon finishing all of their updates, the user will then click a save button that merges that dataset back into the real backend database.

The table (time_tracking) to manage hours submitted by a user has the following columns: time_tracking_id employee_id project_id task_id date_hours hours project_mgr_id The UI to enter hours is in this format: All of that data comes from a dataset that I create on the page load.

Ok, I've searched this forum and a bunch of others and really haven't found an explanation that deals with my specific situation. I am developing a time-tracking application in VS 2005.