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16-Jun-2015 15:28

So I got a circuit board at Radio Shack and spent a couple hours soldering the 4-chip superflux LEDs onto it.

These Dome Lights illuminate the entire surface of the curved glossy workpiece with high uniformity.

These are "high-power", "uniform", and "easy to use" Dome Lights with three times the brightness of the previous models.

Increased size variations, full color (RGB) models, and infrared (860 nm) models were added in the standard product lineup.

Old dome lights in your kitchen may be dull, inefficient and dirty.

After a few years, the design might not be to your liking either.

Whatever the reason, replacing a dome light in the kitchen does not require a great deal of electrical wiring experience.

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By following a few simple steps you can take your current recessed lighting out of history and into the present."I wanted to replace the very dim stock dome lights in my car. The result was fantastic, but it took forever to build, and most people don't have the patience.