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13-Aug-2015 23:14

The simple answer to this question is, “No—Probably not.” Because most electrical service panels are NOT installed by homeowners or “Uncle Harry,” it is actually pretty rare to find a main panel without a main disconnect.There are a couple of ways where it might “appear” to be missing—but is in fact there after all.As a Seattle Home Inspector I love finding panels this nicely wired.This type of panel will not usually have a main disconnect—it will be located at the electrical service equipment—-typically where the meters are located.The first point I will make is that ALL electrical services to the home MUST have a means of shutting off all the power.Being able to shut off all of the power is usually achieved by a Main Disconnect Breaker in the electrical service panel—and should be labeled as such. Where it gets a little confusing is when that main disconnect breaker is in a different location from the panel in the home—like outside the home at the electric meter (as in mobile homes, townhouses, condos and other instances).This type of Service Panel is called a Split-Bus Panel.In these instances the panel in the home is not the electrical service equipment but is instead called a sub-panel.

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There is another type of panel that looks, at first glance, like it might be missing a main breaker.

This type of panel is configured such that it takes a maximum of 6 throws to shut all the power off.

My goal is to keep this post simple enough that most readers can understand what I am talking about.

Real estate agents and home owners need to understand the basic principles so that when the inspector calls for replacement of what appears to be a perfectly good panel, they can understand why.

Of course it does no harm to have one and one is often installed for convenience.The following picture is of a pretty close to correctly wired sub-panel.