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Clergymen David Crane by Creig Flessel (with scripts by religion writer Hartzell Spence) was the story of a midwestern minister, his family and parishioners. Sonny Pew (James Estes) centered gags on the young son of a preacher. I refuse to let our young people sit around campfires, toasting marshmallows, singing, Someones dysfunctional, Lord, Kum Bah Yah! A large, feathered Padre is an occasional character in Shoe, now done by Cassatt and Brookins. Beetle Bailey's Chaplain Staneglass has been described as a "whimsical, naive,harmless fuddy-duddy." Mort Walker noted that he was cautious about using a religious character, "but we have not received a single complaint about the chaplain." Thechaplain preaches, counsels, and visits the troops. Beetle: Guys that deal with eternity dont think anything is long. Green, R., Cartoonist With a Message, The War Cry, August 19, 2000, p. The local parson often visits the home of Snuffy Smith and Loweezy in the Barney Google strip. Dunn, has become a default star of Doug Marlettes strip, Part man of the cloth, part everyman, Rev. (Kudzu 10-25-94)Activist pastor Scot Sloane of Doonesbury is a hip clergyman. Beetle, I saw you asleep during my sermon, says the chaplain. (Beetle Bailey, 8- 3-87)Churches Dennis the Menace and the characters in The Family Circus are often shown sitting in church or making comments as they leave. Shoe: No ...loopholes.(Shoe 8-1-2002)Specific Strips Wiley Millers Sunday Non Sequitur page introduced the character Homer who is dispatched to earth and given various lives in various eras by God, who sits at a computer. Short, R., The Gospel According to Peanuts, John Knox Press, 1965, p.42.4.

Americans have always had an interest in religion, whether embracing it or criticizing it.

The comics have often reflected this interest, focusing on clergymen, churches, and topics of belief.

One of Downs most clever and profound series occurred Christmas (1981), when he depicted children asking hard questions about Santa Claus. This implies your authority to assign moral absolutes. The popular strip Calvin and Hobbes features a little boy and his stuffed tiger,wrote Colson. The title plays off the names of John Calvin, the great Reformation leader, and Thomas Hobbes, an English philosopher. as he lands on his back.)Charlie Brown, says Lucy, "Your faith in human nature is an inspiration to all young people. 7-31-2001)Since 1988, (Johnny) Hart has been putting Christian themes in the strip, writes Rick Green. As the sun went down, the crosss shadow crept along the ground until it covered them.

One boy wrote earnestly to the North Pole: They say you know if weve been sleeping; you know if were awake. Are you aware of the staggering theological implications of these claims? These historical figures believed that human nature is depraved. (4)In Peanuts, religious heresy seems to be represented by the Great Pumpkin, Linus substitute for Santa Claus. All right, replies Linus,' so you believe in Santa Claus, and Ill believe in the Great Pumpkin. Hart explained that the cross was done in blood red to indicate Christs sacrifice on the cross.

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