Updating music library

20-Oct-2015 00:37

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Kodi gives you the ability to listen to music from a variety of sources, click here for more information and examples of Types of Media Sources (link).Some examples of sources that allow you to easily access all your digital music collection: Kodi has integrated Audio-CD (CDDA) ripping functionality.To rip a single track, enter the Audio CD, highlight the desired track, and choose Rip Audio Track from the context menu.

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This allows your music metadata to be updated automatically when that data is updated on the Music Brainz database if the music has Music Brainz ID tags.Your audio files MUST have correct audio tags to use the Music Library mode.In order to use this feature, first configure the CD ripping settings (to set which encoder quality to use and where to store the files).To Rip the entire CD, highlight the Audio CD from the My Music root listing and choose Rip Audio CD from the context menu.

Kodi adds music to the library by scanning music files to extract identifying information from tags in the files.In order to be able to include information on your music collection in the music library, Kodi needs your music to be tagged.