Updating os on palm pixi 1 4 5

27-Apr-2015 11:00

updating os on palm pixi 1 4 5-30

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Other than that, there’s only one cosmetic difference between Verizon’s Pixi Plus and Sprint’s Pixi: the carrier’s logo above of the screen.The phone is sleeker than the Palm Pre Plus and is definitely one of the friendlier looking phones on the market.If I had to change anything, I’d ask for a slightly faster processor, more RAM, more internal storage, and a micro SD expansion.

updating os on palm pixi 1 4 5-81

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The Pixi Plus fixes the issue I had with USB flap that I complained about in my review of Sprint’s Pixi.Palm made a slight design tweak, placing the magnet that fell off into the casing so it can’t get lost.