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04-Jun-2016 17:45

FAT has more than nine (one each for FAT12, FAT16, FAT32, etc.).Algorithms identifying the file system in a partition type 07 must perform additional checks.NTFS has several technical improvements over FAT and HPFS (High Performance File System), the file systems that it superseded, such as improved support for metadata, and the use of advanced data structures to improve performance, reliability, and disk space utilization, plus additional extensions, such as security access control lists (ACL) and file system journaling.Mac OS X kernels also have a limited ability to read NTFS (as well as limited built-in write support, although this is not enabled by default); Linux and BSD kernels have a free and open-source driver for the NTFS filesystem with both read and write functionality.

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NTFS developers include: Tom Miller, Gary Kimura, Brian Andrew and David Goebel.Although subsequent versions of Windows added new file system-related features, they did not change NTFS itself.

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