Updating sony ps3 enscription key

25-Nov-2014 15:21

Both fail0verflow and Hotz maintain that their only motivation is to run their own “homebrew” software and games on the PS3 hardware.“I do not support piracy or counterfeiting,” Hotz told New Scientist.The PS3 was once considered invulnerable and the most secure games console ever built.It was the only one to have consistently withstood hacking attempts.

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“Indeed, in the last few days people have already started copying, playing and trafficking in pirated copies of video games,” it reads.Crucially, Hotz then published a decryptor key for Sony’s master key and released “jailbreak” software to allow others to run unauthorised programs and pirated games on their PS3.The hack comes as a huge blow to Sony, which produces and licences its own video games for the console.Play Station 3 hackers have been hit with a lawsuit from Sony for publishing details of how to bypass the security features on its game console.

Sony claims that disclosing this information has caused “irreparable injury and damage” to the company because it now allows people to run pirated games on the PS3.

“I am a firm believer in digital rights,” says Hotz.

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