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You need to find out your root partition on your Ubuntu installation.On a standard Ubuntu installation, the root partition is "/dev/sda1", but it may be different for you.Once it boots, open a terminal (ctrl-alt-t) and mount your Ubuntu partition on /mnt.To achieve this, you can use a Live CD, mount the relevant partitions from your hard disk, chroot into the mounted directory, and run update-grub, which should work as if you were operating on the actual hard disk.Boot with your Live CD, selecting "Try Ubuntu without installing".An update to the Ubuntu 11.04 installer (Ubiquity) finally brings upgrade support to the Ubuntu Live CD.That means that for instance if you use Ubuntu 10.10, when you'll boot the Ubuntu 11.04 Live CD you'll have an option to upgrade (without losing your documents and installed applications).I can boot from a Live CD, but once there how do I run that command?

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To figure out what's the root partition, run the following command: This will display a list of hard disks and partitions from which you'll have to figure out which one is the root partition.

To make sure a certain partition is the root partition, you can mount it (first command under step 3), browse it using a file manager and make sure it contains folders that you'd normally find in a root partition, such as "sys", "proc", "run" and "dev".