Updating vob nav packs Germany chat cam

25-Feb-2016 10:47

3.) How can I calculate the real duration of an individual VOB file of a title set, e.g. In the video header given with 00 00 01 e0 I find a start PTS/DTS preceeding the first sequence header which is greater than the PTS/DTS preceeding the last sequence header.

It is fine for the first VOB of a title set but I'm failing on all following VOB files of the same title set because the starting timestamp is greater than the ending timestamp in the file.

First I thought that I get a wrap around of the PTS/DTS values in between there so I added the maximum of a 33 bit value but the result is far off the reality. Is the first timestamp something of the ending time of the previous file in the same title set? Regards, Konran OK, it seems that my last post was not clearly explained what I needed to know.

Here is a 2nd attempt as I found out some things since my previous thread: 1.) Some articles in the web say that non-MPEG audio PES headers in a VOB (denoted by private stream 1 = 00 00 01 bd) contain also timing information. I only find the start code 00 00 01 bd, 2 bytes length (e.g. 81) - but I'm not aware of any format spec coming after the sub-stream ID.

2.) Analyzing a PES system header (00 00 01 bb) in a VOB (which has 1 MPEG 2 video stream PAL D1 and 1 AC3 audio stream) I find information for two streams: 0xbd and 0xbf.

But these stream ID's are private stream 1 and private stream 2. I know later when I read packets with these stream ID's that I get audio sub-stream 0x81 in PS1 and VOB NAV packets PCI/DSI in two subsequent PS2 packets ...but I don't know that before reading the first one actually, do I?

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