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Part 3 is a long (but somewhat obsolete) list of image compression hardware. [5] What is the best general purpose compression program? [8] What about patents on data compression algorithms? If you can't resist posting such a request, other groups are probably more appropriate (comp.pc.wanted, msdos.apps, comp.sources.wanted, mac.wanted, comp.archives.msdos.d, comp.dsp, alt.graphics.pixutils).

Main changes relative to the previous version: - LZO page moved [item 2] - new url for the File Format Collection [items 2 & 54] - new url for ACE [item 2] - new pkzip version [item 3] - fixed url for arithmetic coder [item 13] - add url for Dj Vu, an image compression library [item 15] - remove obsolete link [item 15] - new url for DCT algorithms [item 15] - add url for lossless image compression benchmarks [item 16] - added urls for the MP3 audio compression standard, and for benchmarks of lossless audio compression programs [item 26] Contents ======== General questions: [1] What are these newsgroups about? Where can I find the corresponding compression program? [9] Compression of random data (WEB, Gilbert and others) [10] Fake compression programs (OWS, WIC) [11] What is the V.42bis standard? [33] I have a problem with Stacker or Double Space! Please post your request in comp.compression only as a last resource.

If you have a question, *please* check this file before you post. If you have not already read the overall Usenet introductory material posted to "news.announce.newusers", please do. If you know very little about data compression, read question 70 in part 2 first. comp.compression is the place to discuss about data compression, both lossless (for text or data) and lossy (for images, sound, etc..).

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Omit NNTP-Posting-Host: dip208.X-Trace: feed.936563455 7912 1.208 ( GMT) X-Complaints-To: [email protected]: GMT Summary: *** READ THIS BEFORE POSTING *** Keywords: data compression, FAQ Xref: edu comp.compression:47321 comp.compression.research:3102 news.answers:165986 comp.answers:37554 View main headers It is insufficiently considered that men more often require to be reminded than informed. [74] Introduction to JBIG [75] Introduction to JPEG [76] What is Vector Quantization?

Omit (Jean-loup Gailly) Newsgroups: comp.compression,comp.compression.research,news.answers,comp.answers Subject: comp.compression Frequently Asked Questions (part 1/3) Supersedes: Reply-To: [email protected]

If you don't know what a kill file is, get by ftp the file ftp://edu/pub/usenet/news.answers/ If you have corrections or suggestions for this FAQ, send them to Jean-loup Gailly . Part 2 is more intended for people who want to know how compression works. An archive of this newsgroup since Oct 1993 is available in ftp://edu/spib/news/comp.compression/ Excellent collections of compression based information are provided at you only want to find a particular compression program for a particular operating system, please read first this FAQ and the article "How to find sources" which is regularly posted in news.answers.

[12] I need source for the winners of the Dr Dobbs compression contest [13] I need source for arithmetic coding Image and audio compression: [15] Where can I get image compression programs? Questions which do not really belong to comp.compression: [50] What is this 'tar' compression program? If your question is about graphics only (no compression), please post to comp.graphics.misc, *after* reading the comp.graphics FAQ (see item 54 below).

[16] What is the state of the art in lossless image compression? [18] I need specs and source for TIFF and CCITT group 4 Fax. [20] I am looking for source of an H.261/H.263 codec and MPEG [25] Fast DCT (Discrete Cosine Transform) algorithms [26] Are there algorithms and standards for audio compression? [51] I need a CRC algorithm [52] What about those people who continue to ask frequently asked questions? [54] I need specs for graphics formats [55] Where can I find Lenna and other images? For some unknown reason, many questions about graphics are incorrectly posted to comp.compression.Very short sources can be posted, but long sources should be be posted to the specialized source groups, such as comp.sources.* or alt.sources.

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