Updating yacht

26-Nov-2014 07:36

After all, reality trumps delusion at least once in a while, especially when you’re alone.

Of course, there are many kinds of interior joinery.

What’s in a Grand Banks trawler’s saloon will bear little resemblance to the saloon of a Hatteras convertible, for example.

And indeed, a five-year-old Hatteras and a 25-year-old progenitor will sport radically different looking interiors as well, especially in terms of the woods chosen and how much was used.

“Spray it on and then quickly wipe the surface off—you don’t want water spots,” says John Shannahan of Dickerson Harbor () in Trappe, Maryland, a Grand Banks rehab specialist with years of experience.

“Murphy’s cleans efficiently and leaves a little oil behind—you may find after using the stuff that you don’t really need to do any upgrading at all.” The next step’s more complicated.

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You’ve got to figure out which of the two primary types of finishes you’ve got, varnish or oil, a task that’s not quite as easy as it sounds.

More to the point, if done right, oil on teak (the most common type of wood used in interior marine joinery) can look very much like varnish.

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