Updating your look

08-Sep-2015 06:59

No matter if it is for work, the weekend or a party, you will always notice a pattern around your outfits.

You will be sure to detect pieces that are on high rotation, seasonally of course.

Fashionable eyeglasses frames, a contemporary belt, or a leather strapped watch with platinum face and sapphire crystal Hand Guilloche dial will make YOU the one everyone’s looking at this spring!

It’s getting more and more rare to see well dressed, professional, cool looking men wearing nice watches. A stylish, “European cut” to your shirt and pants will go a long way no matter how much you pay for your clothes. I know I said I would stop talking about watches, but I couldn’t just end the sentence without mentioning that a good watch makes pretty much everything else you wear forgivable.

Wearing a nice watch is more important to your look than you think. Although, people tend to give you a pass if you’re wearing one piece of really nice clothing. A few people have accused me of working for the SWC and promoting the purchase of men’s style watches by young, hip, fashionable males to combat the stark decline in worldwide men’s watch sales over the last 10 years. Do I think the modern man should look to purchase a nice new watch to achieve a classic look? Does that mean the SWC is funneling money to a dummy bank account I set up in rural Mazatlán, Mexico so that I will publish articles on Funny or Die about how young, hip, fashionable men should wear watches?

For example, this winter, for me, it’s been all about knits and jeggings or a tee teamed with a long flowy cardigan and a nice, warm scarf. Keeping notes about four things will help – *your general outfit selection *what makes you comfortable *what you wish you could change *what trends you are likely to embrace Noticing these things can be quite a revelation.

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It’s Fashion Week and while that may not mean much to the non-fashion elite, it does serve as a good reminder to check in on your fashion choices before they get stale.

To help, as a resident Funny or Die Men’s Fashion columnist, I’ve put together this handy guide for how you can update your look this fashion season.