Validating a password in php

01-Apr-2015 16:31

Below this line are older, obsolete methods for securing your data.

The most popular of them will be added to this list.

Many, if not all, of you have had to deal with creating a secure site login at some point in time.

Although there are numerous articles written on the subject it is painstakingly difficult to find useful information from a single source.

For this reason I will be discussing various techniques I have used or come across in the past for increasing session security to hinder both session hijacking and brute force password cracking using Rainbow tables or online tools such as GData.

There are some inherent security considerations to take into account when using very fast hashing algorithms such as SHA or MD5.

Modern day, multi-processor computers and GPUs can quickly brute-force passwords that aren’t encrypted with a very slow, secure algorithm.

For these reasons, it is recommended you use these and instead use bcrypt encryption or sha-256/512 with key stretching.

In the near future there will be a post containing this updated method for secure authentication.

This is a collection of PHP snippets that are really useful for PHP developers.

If you know any code snippet you may post/share it for others here: Post a Snippet.

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The following examples have been coded using PHP and My SQL.

I more than willingly accept comments, suggestions, critiques, and code samples from readers like you as they benefit the community on the whole.