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25-Sep-2015 15:29

(i.e for the use of time in minutes) e.g if the user input 4 ..would be unaccepted unless a user enters 04.. I am receiving an account number which is integers.

If it is not entered as an integer I wish to state not valid and re-enter account number.

If it is all ok I wish to convert all the integer values to a String.

Is it possible to say if account Number not equal to an integer? I want to verify that the user entered a string value of length of 3 for delivery number and string value of 2 for month.

Hi to All, We have new requirement in our project, we have a quantity with type Integer and the validation is it should allow values only between 0 to 9999 could you please suggest how this can be done. i have tried writting logic checking for values between 0 to 9999 and raising an exception but if you try to give ... I have tried delvry Num String.length() == 3 but it's not working. [CODE] import javax.swing.*; public class Create Delivery { public static void main(String[] args) { // Declare variables int year Entry; int mth Entry; int delvry Num; double package Wt; int distance Cd; ... I have a following code: String s = Num(); Emp Num(Integer.parse Int(s)) set Emp Num () method accept int. How to code, so if s is an empty string or null, no exception is thrown.

but i am entered the values in jsp form integer place string values entered that time 500 error is to write the Integer text boxes allow the strings the time does ... Humm..i can't seem to figure out what can be used for validating an integer value of 00, 01 ,02...(and so on) to 59 instead of 1 to 59?

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