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18-Apr-2016 04:14

While this may sound like quite a chore, it is really quite simple since new custom controls can extend the functionality of existing controls. I needed to do this to get everything working properly. NET's client-side library integrate with this custom validation control, please let me know!

How to Overcome any Shortcoming Now that we've identified a problem with one of the ASP. In the remainder of this article we'll look at how to build a custom Web control (nicely named Required Field Validator For Check Box Lists) that will encapsulate the desired functionality. This has the effect of turning off the client-side behaviors of the validation controls.

However, there is an article here on 4Guys that examines how to create custom Check Box and Check Box List validation controls, although it's done as an ASP. For more information, refer to Creating Validator Controls for the Check Box and Check Box List. Validation controls are a set of server-side Web controls that developers can add to their ASP. For example, the Required Field Validator validation control can be placed on an ASP. NET Web pages that use the control (see the following example for the syntax). NET Web page shows a simple example of using this custom control to validate a Check Box List - a task that was impossible using the built-in Required Field Validator. ] Conclusion In this tip we looked at how to create a very simple required field validator validation Web control that could handle Check Box Lists.

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(Check Box Lists present a list of grouped check boxes for the user to select one or more checkboxes from.) If you specify a Required Field Validator's property to the ID of a Check Box List Web control you will get an exception informing you that the Check Box List cannot be validated. Enable Client Script = false; } protected override bool Control Properties Valid() { Control ctrl = Find Control(Control To Validate); if (ctrl ! For example, Required Field Validators do not work with the Check Box List Web controls. Base Validator { private List Control _listctrl; public Required Field Validator For Check Box Lists() { base.