Validating cluster resource sql server

28-Sep-2015 17:04

This will help ensure that the servers are connected and configured correctly and that it can be supported by Microsoft:6.In the “Cluster Name” field, provide a Net BIOS name to be used as the cluster name.If the servers have no NICs configured for DHCP, then this page will also prompt for a static IP address.If any of the networks are configured for DHCP, then this will not be shown and an IPv4 DHCP assigned address will be used.If you choose not to add all eligible storage to the cluster, you can add specific disks after the cluster is created: An alternate way to create a Failover Cluster is to use Power Shell.You can create a cluster using the Failover Cluster Manager UI, or using Power Shell.Both of these can be installed on Windows Server 2012 or Remote Server Administration Tools (RSAT) for Windows Server 2012.5.

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If the nodes specified have not been validated, the following page in the wizard will be shown.It’s highly recommended to validate the configuration before you create the cluster.