Validating drop down lists select list validation using javascript

16-Oct-2015 22:00

validating drop down lists select list validation using javascript-73

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"); exit(); break; } echo " redirecting to: $redir "; // header("Location: $redir"); // end method 1 // method 2: dynamic redirect //header("Location: " . In this case, each case is redirecting to the corresponding page to the selected country.

It’s always a good idea to have a “blank” option as the first option in your select box. First, set multiple=”multiple” as a property of the select box. Finally, we don’t really need a “blank” option in this select box, because we can simply check to make sure the user selected something or not.

It forces the user to make a conscious selection from the box and avoids a situation where the user might skip over the box without meaning to. To select multiple values, use the shift or ctrl buttons when clicking.

As before, use “isset” is to make sure some values were selected.

Now, let’s change the multi-select box back to a standard single select box.

We want to now perform different actions based on what selection the user makes.

You could write a bunch of “if” statements, but that could get messy.

Let’s look at two ways: dynamic commands and the switch statement. The switch method is basically a concise method of writing a bunch of “if” statements.\n"); } else { // note that both methods can't be demonstrated at the same time // comment out the method you don't want to demonstrate // method 1: switch $redir = "US.html"; switch($var Country) { case "US": $redir = "US.html"; break; case "UK": $redir = "UK.html"; break; case "France": $redir = "France.html"; break; case "Mexico": $redir = "Mexico.html"; break; case "Russia": $redir = "Russia.html"; break; case "Japan": $redir = "Japan.html"; break; default: echo("Error! Each case matches the variable passed the switch and performs all actions after that case up until a break statement.

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