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RFC 2822, that specifies what is and is not allowed in an email address, states that the form of an email address must be of the form "local-part @ domain".

The "local-part" of an email address must be between 1 and 64 characters in length and may be made up in any one of three ways.

The following are all valid as the first part of an email address: The "domain" portion of the email address can also be made up in different ways.

The most common form is a domain name, which is made up of a number of "labels", each separated by a period and between 1 and 63 characters in length.

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Older email addresses may be made up differently, and may contain a combination of the above.Many email address validators fail to take into account that you do not necessarily need a domain name in an email address - an IP address is fine.The first step to creating a PHP script for validating email addresses is to work out what is and is not valid.There is more about this change in the post Email Address Validation Updated.

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Many email address validators will actually throw up errors when faced with a valid, but unusual, email address.Labels may contain letters, digits and hyphens, however must not begin or end with a hyphen (officially, a label must begin with a letter, not a digit, however many domain names have been registered beginning with digits so for the purposes of validation we will assume that digits are allowed at the start of domain names).