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19-Feb-2015 10:28

I read a few articles regarding this but they just mention the standard ones such as port 80 and 443, which are by default open on our network.

Just wondered if there are any other ports that need to be opened?

Just wondered if anyone had this problem before and how were you able to fix this, as these units are pretty much unusable at the moment.

Thanks Rich Ok guess no one seem to have this issue before, does though anyone know which ports the unit talks to to authenticates it's license?

The two VM units have been excluded from any firewall rules, so they should have full access to the internet so this can't be the issue.

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Now I can telnet to the unit, but all the Fortinet Knowledge base articles recommending to run the "execute update-now" command doesn't do much at all.

Restarting the unit and then running the command nothing at all.