Validating well formed xml c

14-Jul-2016 16:55

add or modify the following parameters: "charset-overrides-xml-encoding" true [optional] (default) If a higher level protocol such as HTTP [IETF RFC 2616] provides an indication of the character encoding of the input stream being processed, that will override any encoding specified in the XML declaration or the Text declaration (see also section 4.3.3, "Character Encoding in Entities", in [XML 1.0]).

Explicitly setting an encoding in the overrides any encoding from the protocol.

Unlike in [DOM Level 3 Core], this parameter will default to true for DOMLSParser.

"namespaces" true [required] (default) Perform the namespace processing as defined in [XML Namespaces] and [XML Namespaces 1.1].

"ignore-unknown-character-denormalizations" true [required] (default) If, while verifying full normalization when [XML 1.1] is supported, a processor encounters characters for which it cannot determine the normalization properties, then the processor will ignore any possible denormalizations caused by these characters. false [optional] Report an fatal "unknown-character-denormalization" error if a character is encountered for which the processor cannot determine the normalization properties.

"infoset" See the definition of DOMConfiguration for a description of this parameter.

If the value of this parameter is not null when an external resource (such as an external XML entity or an XML schema location) is encountered, the implementation will request that the DOMLSResource Resolver referenced in this parameter resolves the resource.

DOMLSParser provides an API for parsing XML documents and building the corresponding DOM document tree.

false [optional] Do not perform the namespace processing.

"resource-resolver" [required] A pointer to a DOMLSResource Resolver object, or NULL.

This is useful when dealing with things like SOAP envelopes where doctype nodes are not allowed.

false [required] (default) Allow doctype nodes in the document.

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false [required] The parser ignores any character set encoding information from higher-level protocols.

"disallow-doctype" true [optional] Throw a fatal "doctype-not-allowed" error if a doctype node is found while parsing the document.

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