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21-Nov-2015 06:22

Using Command Script Linux Task Manager Command Delete Executing a Batch Script System Tools Renaming Renaming (Graphical Interface by selection)Alternative Stopping a Service Community Q&A Windows Genuine Advantage (WGA) notifications occur when your computer hasn't passed the validation test.

The validation test can be failed because you installed a pirated non-genuine copy of 7, or because you have changed your 7 product key to a software-generated key, or sometimes it just happens for no reason at all.

However, you can easily get rid of these annoying notifications yourself.

Over the Internet By Telephone By Modem Turning Off Activation Community Q&A While Windows is typically set to activate automatically when you install it, you may find a time when you need to manually activate it.

When you purchase a computer that comes with Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows 8, that copy of Windows is tied to your computer’s hardware.

It’s an OEM copy, which means it can only be used on that computer.

If using OS X, sometimes it can take up to 10 seconds for authentication to complete.

If you’ve just upgraded your computer, or you weren’t able to get online after installing Windows, you’ll probably need to activate your copy manually.Even if you purchase a retail, boxed copy of Windows and install it, that copy of Windows will become tied to your hardware after it activates itself with Microsoft.

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