Venezuela dating marriage customs

10-Mar-2015 14:55

Venezuelans have a very strong yet, at times, indelicate sense of humour.The use of nicknames that draw attention to ones physical features, such as weight or skin colour, may be especially offensive to Canadian visitors.Most of the time, Venezuelans like making jokes when meeting someone.It is a notorious characteristic of the Venezuelans.In general, when meeting someone, Venezuelans expect a polite introduction (e.g. Some Venezuelans take this theme very seriously, and the reaction could be unexpected.

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However, given the high level of social polarization, visitors should approach the subject delicately and refrain from expressing explicit opinions until they are familiar with their host’s stand on the issue.

As such, they are likely to shower visitors with questions regarding their country of origin, as well as their reasons for coming to Venezuela.

A friendly attitude and willingness to answer these questions is the best way to make a good first impression.

However, in Venezuelan society such nicknames are considered to be terms of endearment and should not be taken personally.

They are also very proud of their own country and a display of interest in Venezuela’s history, natural beauty and culture is the best way to break into a conversation.

Politics is an often discussed, yet controversial topic.