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But the papal historiographers did not derive their knowledge of Lucius from that Church; because, in the first place, the information they provide is erroneous; in the second, the errors of which it is the vehicle are insular. An anonymous reference to the contemporary Papa Bomanus. An anonymous reference to the two (or more) contempo- rary Imperatores Bomanorum. 361, enjoining religious toleration, and commanding the return of exiled bishops to their Churches. Pope Liberius had already felt the crushing weight of imperial di.spleasure, and motives of policy would render LUCIUS EEX AND ELEUTHEKIUS PAPA. The tale of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight had in its central incident a parallel in the Champion's Covenant and in the Beheading Game, forming the conclusion of the Feast of Bricriu, a part of the old tale brought first to light by Kuno Meyer. \ 2 ALFRED ANSCOMBE, of elsewhere, and in any case the archives of that Church pro- vide information about -Lucius which is not discoverable in any other quarter. Jerome said "Ingemuit totus orbis et Arianum se esse miratus est." Several Councils were held in the Gauls in 362 or 363, the most important being that of Paris, at which the formula of Ariminum, i. These provincial councils were rendered possible by the rescript of the Emperor Julian, of November or December. XIII) Pseudo- Gildas tells us that the "Arriana perfidia" had crossed the ocean (cap. In this connexion it is worthy of comment that the metropolitan bishop of London in King Lucius's day (A. 364) bore the name of Theou, the same as that borne by the Arian bishop of Marmarica, in A. It is, therefore, extremely likely that an imperial legation to the Vicarhis Britanniarum proceeded from Sirmium in Ma}', 364, and was synchronous both with the appointment of Germanianus to the government of Gaul, Spain, and Britain, and with the despatch of papal legates to Lucius, who is called "Rex Bri- tanniarum" by Bede. Of the Arthurian heroes it was the Sir Gawain of the oldest versions that found the closest parallels in incidents of the Cuchulainn Cycle.

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B er gin, Poems attributed to Gormlaith 343 Carl Marstrander, Dun na Trapcharla 370 Carl Marstrander, Deux contes irlandais 371 List of Illustrations. The emperors are named in one source only; the same pope does not appear in all the sources; and although the same year in the era of the Incarnation is set down in two of them, that year fits neither of the popes mentioned. It certainly did not so survive at Rome; nor yet in Anglian Britain. Athanasius sailed for Antioch on September 5, 363, and delivered the synodal letter in person.

But the historians have all failed — not, of course, through lack of scholarship, but because the problem, if regarded in no other way than that in which the historian conceives it, is and must remain, inscrutable. In the preceding year, however, its bishops had sent 16 ALFEED ANSCOMBE, letters to Pope Liberius and Athanasius, Patriarch of Alexandria^ respecting their faith ; and Athanasius, in a synodical letter from the Council at Alexandria addressed to the Emperor Jovian, had vouched for the orthodoxy of the British Churches.