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So last night after class she ask if she can give me a hug during which she whispers how grateful she is for the energy I bring to the class and how when I leave or am not there she is left wanting more.” Andrew, US “Honestly this convo was one of the best I’ve had in a long time.And I don’t even really care if it’s going to lead to something romantic or not. And when I think about this just being the beginning of my journey I get really excited about what kind of people there are in this world to connect and interact with. On no account should these phrases be used in the work place, or within earshot of anyone generally who may take offence, because that would be f*cking stupid.

Let's see what they are: "touch base", "grab him", "finger him", "in bed together" or "sleeping with", "shafted", and "beasted".In a politically sensitive industry, which has not caught up with the current tide of post-feminist pseudo-modernism, Corporate Blawg finds that these phrases are odd when better phrases are available, like "update", "bring him", "allocate", "close relationship" and "worked hard".A static believer in the slippery slope syndrome, Corporate Blawg suggests that unless such phrases are removed from common usage, the danger is that lazy analogies may become even more extreme, leading to common usage of terms by analogy such as "fist-ing" "rimming" "docking" and, as Corporate Blawg's dark and twisted friend at Taylor Wessing recently explained to him, "double-dragonning".Although the amusement factor is apparently high, this does not excuse the fact that such phrases are inappropriate and potentially perceived to be misogenistic.

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Is Corporate Blawg too sensitive, or does Corporate Blawg have a dirty mind? Either which way but inward, Corporate Blawg wishes to express that there are one or two phrases used in the office environment which on a hung-over morning such as this, Corporate Blawg would like to see expurgated.Corporate Blawg finds that such expressions conjur up strange mental imagery which he does not approve of, especially today.